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2012 AGM & Elections

The Bahamas Swimming Federation held elections of its Executive Board on Saturday, December 29, 2012, at the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture meeting room.

In the result; longtime President Algernon Cargill was re-elected over challenger Cecile Greene; John Bradley was returned as 1st Vice President unopposed; former Olympian Nicholas Reese was newly elected as 2nd Vice President over challengers Kevin Armbrister and Sharon Sweeting. Ken Bain was returned as Treasurer over Donna Tynes and Kathryn Dillette remained unopposed as Secretary.

Zelda Allen won over Patra Albury to join the Executive Board as Assistant Secretary, replacing Valerie Lowe who did not offer for re-election. The Board also bid farewell to Sheena Deveaux who did not offer for re-election to the post of 2nd Vice President.

Saturday 29th December's 2012 elections were the first contested elections for The Bahamas Swimming Federation since the existing Board's accession to the Executive in 2003. Subsequent elections were held in 2005, 2007, and 2009. The newly elected executives will serve for a 4 year term.

Votes on proposals at the elections for various changes in Swimming Federation's constitution and the rules governing swimming in The Bahamas were also held and the results are still being tabulated and will be available on the BSF website during the next few days.

President Algernon Cargill thanked the outgoing executives for their support and contribution to the Federation and also welcomed the newly elected elected Executives to the Executive Team. He expressed his excitement for the new term and expanding swimming into the Family islands and the pubilc school system.

The full text of the president's report can be found here.

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