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Ariel Weech Makes News at Nebraska

After the setbacks Nebraska swimmer Ariel Weech suffered last season, most swimmers would be down on their luck and struggling to keep up with their competition.

For Weech, though, these setbacks have pushed her to be the best.

The junior suffered the death of her uncle who was killed in her native Bahamas this past year. In addition, she was unable to compete with the Huskers due to ineligibility and was looking for something to start her back up again.

Weech's answer came in the Pan American games this October.

"I had a rough semester that put me back this fall," Weech said. "I had basically fallen off the face of the earth, and the Pan American games gave me something to work for."

Weech did more than just race in the games. She placed 11th in the 100-meter freestyle with a time of 57.97 and was ready to get back into the competition for Nebraska this semester.

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