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BADC - Current and Returning Athletes Notice #1

Please be reminded that if you have not updated with your NADO and you are still active or competiting you are required to update your ADAMS account. Failure to update will result in missed tests and whereabout failures. If you are unable to access your account please submit your whereabouts via email in the interim.

Retired athletes must send in an official letter to verify that you are no longer competiting. Testing will still be carried out 6 months after you retire and notices of 6 months prior to your reengagement must given by WADA Standards for retired athletes to become active. Please note failures to update may make you ineligible to compete.

Please reply to your National Anti-Doping Organization (Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission) for questions or concerns in regards to your accounts or athlete services that is available to you. Regards, Christopher Thompson

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