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Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission TEST YOUR DRUGS & TUE's Inbox

Determine If You Need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) You are here: Step 1 - Determine Medication Status Step 2 - Compare Your Results with your Competitive Status Step 3 - TUE Submission

Step 1 - Search Global DRO

Find out the status of your prescription and over-the-counter medications. Go to Global DRO, search each medication by brand name or active ingredients, and compare your search results with the table below. Be sure to keep record of your Global DRO Reference number from your search (found in the bottom left corner of your results page).

Can’t find your product? It might be a dietary supplement. TUEs cannot be issued for dietary supplements. Learn more about how you can realize, recognize and reduce your risks associated with supplements at

Emergency Treatment or Emergency Surgery? Please seek medical care prior to submitting a TUE or TUE Pre-Check Form. Keep any medical documents received during care and check medication status on Global DRO. Please review the Surgery Checklist for a detailed list of information regarding emergent/non-emergent situations.

Step 2 - Compare your Results

Using the Global DRO results for each substance, compare your findings to the table below to see if a TUE is necessary. If you have any questions regarding the necessity of a TUE, please fill out the TUE Form on

*Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes are formally notified by BADC or their IF and are required to submit regular whereabouts information. If this does not sound familiar, then you are probably not in a RTP.

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