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Notice to Bahamas Swimming Federation Members

Notice to Bahamas Swimming Federation Members

Pursuant to the Bahamas Swimming Federation Council Meeting on Monday, December 12, 2016, and Section C-9 of the Constitution of The Bahamas Swimming Federation, the Annual General Meeting and Elections of Officers for the next quadrennial period of the Federation will take place on Saturday, January 7, 2017, at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture at 9am.

Please note that only Bahamas Swimming Federation Members on the Membership List as at December 12, 2016, posted on the Bahamas Swimming Federation website at

are eligible to vote and/or participate in the Annual General Meeting.

Registered eligible members will also vote on the rule and/or constitutional changes proposed within the parameters of section C11 of The Bahamas Swimming Federation.

Nomination of officers for eligible positions outlined in Section C8 of The Bahamas Swimming Federation Constitution are to be lodged with the Secretary General at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting, i.e., by 5pm, December 24, 2016. These are to be forwarded to under the heading BSF Nominations.

Should there be any change in the venue and/or meeting start time, this notice will be duly amended.

Kathryn Dillette

Secretary General

Bahamas Swimming Federation

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