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Notice to BSF Council Members, BSF Individual Members AND BSF Member Clubs

Please be advised that the final decision from the Special General Meeting held on February 21, 2017, is that the Bahamas Swimming Federation appointed a select committee comprising the following persons to receive constitutional and rule changes from members of the Federation and to present these along with any other recommendations this select committee may develop to amend the Bahamas Swimming Federation Constitution and Rules.

The following individuals were appointed and accepted the appointments.

1. Nancy Knowles, Individual Member

2. Ian Fernander, Individual member

3. Lynne Fraino, Individual Member and BSF Executive

4. Carol Miseweicz, Individual Member

5. Neville Wilchcombe, BSF Counsel and Individual Membership Application pending approval

Please be further advised that this Select Committee was provided with 10 calendar days, commencing February 22, 2017, to present their proposals in the prescribed format as presented at the Special General Meeting to the Secretary of the Bahamas Swimming Federation for review and presentation to the Members of the Federation for voting at a Special General Meeting to be arranged after expiry of the 10 calendar day period, i.e., the report is to be provided to the BSF Secretary by March 4, 2017.

Please be further advised that failure to present the report to the Secretary within the prescribed period will result in the only eligible changes to be considered at the Special General Meeting to be called at the earliest possible opportunity following such period being those which were tabled at the Special General Meeting held on February 21, 2017 and are currently posted on the BSF Website and circulated at the Special General Meeting.

This proposal was unanimously carried by all members present during the said Special General Meeting of February 21, 2017 inclusive of Carol Misiewicz, Ian Fernander and any others who had initially challenged the validity of the said Special General Meeting.

Yours truly,

Alexis Wells

Secretary, Bahamas Swimming Federation

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