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RBC National Swimming Championships 2015 Summons Updated

We are pleased to enclose the 2015 RBC National Swimming Championships Summons. Please note the required deadlines and the amendment to the Meet Format as recommended by the Technical Committee and approved by the Council January 2015. Please also pay attention to the various requirements (some may be new), deadlines and penalties for non compliance with all meet guidelines and protocols as included in this Summons Document. Member Clubs and/or Individuals not in Good Standing with the BSF as at the entry deadline will not be eligible to participate in the 2015 RBC National Swimming Championships.

Member Clubs are also required to submit the list of their Timers and lane assignments to Mancer Robers, BSF Technical Director, and copy same to John Bradley, as per the conditions of this summons (Clause 20).

John Bradley

BSF First Vice President and Co-Meet Director

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