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Swimmers based outside of The Bahamas

We write to remind you that it is a requirement of the Bahamas Swimming Federation that you provide the BSF with times for every swim meet you participate in. You can either send the times through your coach, your parents, or personally. In all circumstances, we require the link to the website that hosts the official results for the respective swim meet.

It is important that this request is complied with. Any team selection is based on the times in the data base, and times received by the Federation on the eve of the deadline for meets that happened in the past may not necessarily be accepted or entered into the data base in time for team selection. As an example, we are on the eve of selecting the 2013 CARIFTA Swim Team and do not have times for many of our swimmers based overseas; however, we are aware that they are competing in competitive programs for their schools. Additionally, the BSF will not be held accountable if there are any errors in the input of times in the data base that are received on the eve of team selection. It is therefore important that we all cooperate and provide the times as quickly as possible after your swim meet in order that you can firstly verify that we have captured your performances accurately, and secondly, you can determine how you stack up against the required time standards.

The BSF looks forward to your continued cooperation and support.

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